Friday, September 28, 2012

White Horse: St. Cloud, MN

White Horse
809 W. Saint Germain
St. Cloud, MN 56301


Nice photo bomb Amber ;)
How Did We Find Out About This Place?
While browsing through, I saw a couple of things about this spot that we just had to check out.
Like I said, completely understated bar interior for a menu that punches like it does.
What Makes This Place Unique?
Well, considering it has Thai, Indian, Minnesota and American classics all on their bar menu…that should be enough.  But that's not it.  Their witty and helpful service, large beer selection, extremely inventive menu and likeable atmosphere make it a must stop if you're in the St.Cloud area.  I mean, how can you not like a townie looking bar that serves peanuts and popcorn, that also home makes many of their dressings and serves a mean Murgh Makhani?  

What Did We Have?
We started it out with a up Nort' bar classic appetizer (free of course):
Well, we had to try them, right?
 Then we moved onto the dinner salad that came with our entrees:

Dinner Salad
This dinner salad seriously has it’s own zip code.  Tip: get the bleu cheese dressing, they make it themselves and it rocks.

Almond Encrusted Walleye
Almond breaded topped with Amaretto butter sauce, and a side of baked potato.  This size and quality of this Walleye is unreal for the price.

Miso Chili Glaze Tuna
Rice wine, miso paste and a special chili sauce reduction accent this Ahi tuna steak and a side of Jasmine rice

Wasabi Cream Tuna
Pan seared Ahi tuna steak with a cooling cream sauce and a hint of wasabi with roasted rosemary red potatoes

Would You Go Again?
Yes, yes, and yes.   After seeing the facebook daily specials they have been posting (that feeds onto their homepage), I’ve been contemplating doing the trip up there again just to try a few more things on their menu.  In addition to their array of American and global dinner entrees, their lunch menu looks pretty darn tasty as well.

Out of the dishes that we had that night, I would highly recommend the blue cheese dressing (homemade) and the Miso Chili Glaze Tuna (while the Wasabi Cream Tuna was good, the Miso Chili Glaze was a clear winner).  Also, if you're a person that likes seafood dishes that are on the sweet side, the Almond Encrusted Walleye and the Amaretto butter sauce is awesome.

Overall what I adore most about this little gem is that it's all about letting the food and beer selection be the stars of the show, in a very "no frills" approach.  Love the concept and how it's been blissfully executed here at the White Horse.  They make it look so easy.

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